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More Blog Tweaks and Some Questions

After a suggestion from sop81_1 of the slabbed blog (which is apparently about to become both an entity and a domain of its own, which is a lot for a blog), I checked out the jetpack plugin for this blog, which allowed me to add some features:

It makes sharing blog posts easier, and so I’ve switched to its method of sharing on Twitter, and added buttons for sharing on Facebook, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and by email, all of which are on the last line of the post above the date.  They work well, I think.  I didn’t use the JetPack printing button because I think the one I already had is better in a number of ways.

WordPress users hosting on their own domain really need to give JetPack a look; there are many features that make running the blog easier (proofreading tools, quick ways to get to backend pages, etc) that seem to work very well, particularly considering I just started using it today.

Working with the widget (those things in the sidebars) for putting my Twitter feed on the blog, I tinkered some with the sidebars.  I’m still not happy with them.   I regularly use the sidebar for recent comments (on the right side) and assume readers probably use the recent posts sidebar (also on the right side).  I know the search and logon widgets on the left get used.  The problem is that, by following that with the Pages (listing free-standing pages I use) and categories (listing all the categories with which I index my blog, so that a user can see the blog’s recent posts about, say, “Food” or “Judiciary Bribery Scandal” by clicking on that category), it pushes the blog roll way too far down the page.

Having said all that, I’ll ask a series of questions:

1) What do people use and find handy in the side bars?

2) Is there something they’d rather see about their arrangement or usefulness?

3) Any other observations, criticisms, or suggestions about the appearance or user-friendliness of the blog?

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