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How people find this blog, and the name of the record store was Poplar Tunes and Pop Tunes

It’s always mildly entertaining to see the searches that lead readers to my blog. Omitting the ones that obviously were headed here (“NMissCommentor”), here’s the top five:

edgar allan poe original grave with a bottle
rattlesnakes in mississippi
chris mcdaniel is pitiful
wrongful imprisonment attorney in mississippi
poplar record store that you could listen to music

I know I posted about the mysterious person who visited Edgar Allan Poe’s grave every year for decades, although I’m not sure why anyone would select me to read about that.  I posted about a spurious photo of a snake purportedly from Pontotoc, and get steady traffic from that, and anyone who is a regular reader would not be surprised about the next one, although I would swear I’ve never called McDaniel pitiful.  There’s my rooting for the exoneration of the innocent, but then there’s a question I can honestly answer:

The name of the record store on Poplar Avenue in Memphis where you could listen to the records in the store was Poplar  Tunes and Pop Tunes (in different locations).  I posted about its closing,  a sad moment in Memphis music history.

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