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Comments and moderation

The only time that comments should be held in moderation is the first time.  Occasionally, the software “holds” a comment from an existing user; when I notice that, I just let it through.  That’s abnormal and it is not something I cause to happen; don’t take it personally.

On the other hand, new user’s posts are automatically held for moderation until I approve them.  I let them through unless one of three things appear to be so:  The comment is clearly spam;  or the user selects a name already in use; or the user enters an obviously fake email address.  There are two comments held right now under rules 2 and 3 (both unusual); for one, the person selected the name “Ben” and I wrote asking them to change to another name, and for the other, the person (writing a personal note complementing Bill Luckett) entered the email address “spam@spam.com”.  I’ve not let either through, as noted.

At least as far as spam-generation goes, computers are still failing to meet the Turing test.  I never have any doubt whether I’m looking at a spam-bot or a person.

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