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RFRAs, the Establishment Clause, and Land Use Regulation (no! seriously!)

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA), state and federal, since this Spring (with the passage of Mississippi’s own such act) and this week (with the Hobby Lobby case using the federal act).

Recall that we were told that the state act was fine because the federal act was fine.


More on the Fairview Inn zoning decision…

According to a Clarion Ledger story, the Mississippi Supreme Court is going to be asked for a rehearing on the decision that the restaurant in the Fairview Inn is spot zoning.  One curiousity:  Am I reading correctly that this bed and breakfast was started by Bill Simmons (this was his father’s house for decades)?  […]

Trouble looming about that Fairview restaurant zoning decision…

As I described yesterday, the Mississippi Supreme Court has held that the zoning awarded the Fairview Inn to have a restaurant is spot zoning and therefore arbitrary and capricious, and should not have been awarded.  Problem, noted in today’s Clarion Ledger:  The Inn is already serving food, and at least one city alderman just […]