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Tonight, it was wonderful to see both vandalism and obstructionism go down to ignominious defeat.

The Cardinals have been owed a weird umpire call at least since game 6 of the 1985 World Series, right?  (And, sorry Red Sox fans, the way the third baseman kicked up his legs was obstruction. See below).

Here’s the rule and comment:

OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in […]

If you are watching baseball and surfing…

Check out the New York Times liveblogging of the game.  And here’s Yogi Berra’s reaction to last night’s game:  “One of the most exciting, screwiest games I’ve seen. Yeah, it ain’t over it til it’s over but that one should’ve been over a while ago.”


Watching in the 5th.  Bases loaded and Molina […]

Roger Angell’s scorecard for Game 6 of the World Series

Roger Angell has written great pieces about baseball in the New Yorker for decades.  Here’s his account of Game 6 last night, and here’s something I’ve never seen:  A Roger Angell scorecard, from Game 6. Click to see it enlarged.