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Boom boom, out go the lights

So, a week and a half ago, the lights in Tad Smith went out right in the middle of the Vanderbilt game.  Sometime in the last two years ago, the roof started leaking during a Ole Miss women’s basketball game.  And now, there’s this from Lafayette County Emergency Management, suggesting that folks going […]

50 years of tornado activity, mapped

This map tracks tornado action for the last fifty years from NOAA data, with the intensity of the track showing how powerful the tornado was.

Here’s a closeup look at Mississippi, which at a glance seems as busy as anywhere, no surprise.  The easiest border to spot in all the action is with […]

Are we going to have blueberries in early May…

and figs in late May?

I took these pictures in my yard this afternoon.  This seems extraordinarily early, by a month.

The mosquitoes this year are going to be epochal.

Here it comes

Is it just me, or do we seem to be getting an unusual amount of this stuff lately? A tornado apparently went from what sounds to me somewhere near the Batesville Airport (the warnings described it as 7 miles west of John Kyle State Park, just north of Batesville, and seen by trained […]

Merry Christmas, Folks, and it’s snowing in Oxford

That’s out my front door, about 8:30 this morning.  While the snow is mostly melted now (mid-Afternoon), it’s still lightly coming down.

When I woke my kids to tell them it was a white Christmas, they basically said “Right, dad.”  I was pulling their legs.

Mid-afternoon, I’ve got two kinds of cranberries made […]

“I Think It’s Going To Rain Today”

So says Randy Newman and the folks at the Clarion Ledger.

Thread for comments about big storms in North Mississippi

The tornado sirens have beein going on and off for almost an hour, and this storm started with one of the most violent bursts I’ve ever seen– incredibly low swirling clouds, horizontal rain, trees shaking wildly.  There are storm warnings north and east of Oxford (parts that have passed through) and flash flood warnings […]