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Eric Posner: “Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion in Shelby County v. Holder, the Voting Rights Act case, is a pretty lame piece of work.”

He makes short work of the, cough, logic in the Roberts opinion.  Worth reading.  He concludes:

What exactly is wrong with the singling out of states by the federal government? Is the idea that when Alabama is on the playground with the other states, they’re going to make fun of it because it had […]

Tom Toles has a suggestion for Justice Scalia

My idea was that the Catholics should make Justice Scalia pope. It would be a perfect fit. But I would be just as comfortable with him joining Benedict at the Castel Gandolfo.

Ike Brown case turns up in Main Justice story about politicization of Bush era DOJ

Main Justice has an interesting story about the investigation into the politicizing of hiring in the DOJ Civil Rights decision during the Bush administration.  It focuses on Bush DOJ official Brad Schlozman;, who was central to stories about both improper hiring practices and the US Attorney scandal, along with two cases brought by one […]