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A President, lost and then found in the archive

The glass plate above is a photograph of a pretty common sort: ¬†Dignitaries– in this case, the Secretary of the Navy and party– observing the hull of a battleship under construction. ¬†Digitally scanning images at the National Archives, Michael Horsley stopped at the caption on this one: ¬†“Laying the Keel of U.S.S Battleship […]

Surreal Night Photograph from 1941 by Frank Delano

This is a textile mill in New Bedford, Massachusetts working at night in January, 1941, taking for the Farm Security Administration by Frank Delano.

The photograph is entirely new to me, from a beautiful collection of FSA photographs called The Likes of Us: America In THe Eyes of the Farm Security Administration, a […]

Fascinating pictures on the Hokumburg Goombah blog

Thanks to an NPR blog, I’ve learned of an extraordinary blog that seems St. Louis based. It ranges from political content to historical stuff and beyond, in a way that I associate with the early days of the blogosphere but thought might have been gone.

The first picture might be the earliest photograph of […]