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The demise of a beautiful dogtrot house

A little over a year ago, I posted a sequence of pictures with the title “A beautiful dogtrot house, fading slowly away,” all of a house I’d long admired at the edge of the West Union community in Union County on Highway 30.

I took the picture above this morning on my way […]

A beautiful dogtrot house, fading slowly away.

There’s a dogtrot house in Union County just East of the Enterprise community (where the West Union School is on Highway 30, for those who have driven from New Albany to Oxford) that I’ve admired for decades.  In the past, it could be hard to spot because of some woods near it, but there’s […]

New Albany lawyer implosion over suing Toyota?

New Albany lawyer Robert Carter agreed to be local counsel for a class action against Toyota over sudden acceleration.  Recall that the as-yet-still-in-process Toyota plant is to be built in souteast Union County, between New Albany and Tupelo.

The suit (here’s the Toyota Class Action complaint) was filed in the federal district court in […]