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You probably aren’t aware that Jose Canseco drives with diaper-wearing fainting goats, and may not have read his thoughts on gravity

Canseco’s musings on Twitter range quite widely.  This week, for instance, he recounted being stopped by a police officer and having to explain why he had diaper-wearing fainting goats in his vehicle.   Earlier this year, he explained how he thought gravity used to be weaker, which allowed dinosaurs to be “nimble.”  You should […]

Two Best Tweets about Kim Jung Il

@KPCCofframp Kim Jong Il dead: I knew of an announcer who once called him Kim Jong the Second. And that’s why serifs are important.


@jstrevino I’d like to think God let Havel and Hitchens pick the third.

(h/t to Sullivan for the 2nd one)

Twitter humor

RT @vbloke Did you know that the “B” in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stands for “Benoit B. Mandelbrot”?

Twitter utility, and some Mississippi feeds

I’ve been on Twitter for a bit, at NMissC, and have recently really come around to its utility, coming more and more to understand what Twitter can accomplish and be. Setting up a Twitter account, you don’t see much of anything at first. You find a few people you know, and a few others […]

The Prisoner, entire series, available online

The entire TV series The Prisoner has been posted online by AMC.  I noted on Folo the death of Patrick McGoohan, who created it, last January.  h/t Tom Tomorrow (in his Twitter feed).