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The folks at the Neon Pig are ok…

… but the business has suffered structural damage.

Regular readers of the blog may know I’m a fan of the Neon Pig on North Gloster in Tupelo (also near Vanelli’s). I knew where the tornado hit, and was worried about them.  From the Neon Pig’s Facebook feed, I learn the people are ok, but […]

Picture of tornado damage at Vanelli’s in Tupelo…

This was posted by Brandy Davis on Twitter.  The Daily Journal is reporting that Vanelli’s and Outback were destroyed, that the Barnes Crossing Mall was hit, and that the police are doing house to house searches in the Joyner neighborhood.


Home Chef Market in Tupelo

While we were in Tupelo at mid-day today, we happened upon Home Chef Market in Tupelo at 1203 North Gloster Street.  It’s just been purchased by Chef Mitchell McCamey, who grew up in Tupelo (and in restaurants) but has spent the last decade plus earning his stripes in places like the Hot and Hot […]

Tupelo Councilmen and Police Attack the Scourge of Baggy Pants

So, does the story, below, mean:

a)  The City of Tupelo’s government has solved all of the real problems Tupelo faces and is now worrying about near-irrelevancies;

b)  The City of Tupelo’s government is unable to actual address the real problems Tupelo faces and so can only debate near-irrelevancies;

c)  The City of Tupelo’s […]

Wednesday Morning Various

Allen Stanford got an appointed public defender as counsel yesterday, replacing Dick DeGeurin, who had yet to be paid.

Tupelo approved Sunday sales of beer and light wine sales in restaurants and stores (no real wine or liquor).

Pete Wells (the editor of the Dining Section of the NY Times, keeping the restaurant critic […]