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Rumsfeld denies Bush administration had a Justice Department

Charles Pierce pulls this quote from Errol Morris’s documentary about Rumsfeld:

ERROL MORRIS: What about all these so-called torture memos?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Well, there were what? One or two or three. I don’t know the number, but there were not all of these so-called memos. They were mischaracterized as torture memos, and they came […]

Clearly, Rick Santorum doesn’t give special credence to personal experience

On the Hugh Hewitt radio show, Santorum “explained:”

[John McCain] doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.

Salon reports an apt response from McCain’s spokesperson, asked about what Santorum had said:

Greg Sargent asks McCain’s spokeswoman for a response to Santorum, and she emails a single word: “Who?”

John McCain writes in the Washington Post about torture

The whole thing is worth reading.  Key part:

Former attorney general Michael Mukasey recently claimed that “the intelligence that led to bin Laden . . . began with a disclosure from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who broke like a dam under the pressure of harsh interrogation techniques that included waterboarding. He loosed a torrent of information — including eventually the […]

Just in case you thought the final OPR report exculpated John Yoo

I’ve not posted about the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility report about whether Yoo and Bybee should be referred for bar discipline for their authorship of the Bush era “torture memos.”  I’ve not posted in part because I find the whole topic so discouraging.

The final report finds that You provided legal advice […]

Atty Gen. Holder names proseuctor for preliminary review of C.I.A. torture

Eric Holder has named John Durham as the special prosecutor to evaluate cases involving C.I.A. employees and prisoner abuse. As Talking Points memo notes, the initial news reports about this– that the preliminary investigation is limited to cases where the C.I.A. interrogations exceeded what was authorized by the torture memos– appears to have been […]

Letter of Apology blog’s take on investigating the torture memos

In a post about John Bybee, the Letter of Apology blog notes that talk of impeachment is premature, but…

…if DOJ professionals can make a reasoned argument that certain Bush-era legal memos sought merely to cover obviously illegal activities, let the investigations begin. After all, we investigate (and sometimes even prosecute) lawyers for fraudulently […]

The NY Times Chronicles A Descent Into Hell

The first use of waterboarding and other rough treatment against a prisoner from Al Qaeda was ordered by senior Central Intelligence Agency officials despite the belief of interrogators that the prisoner had already told them all he knew, according to former intelligence officials and a footnote in a newly released legal memorandum.

The escalation […]

Some Internet Responses To The Torture Memos Release

‘You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.’

The door opened again. A guard came in, carrying something made of wire, a box or basket […]

Thoughtful piece about the Spanish torture prosecution

There’s a lot of overheated rhetoric on all sides about the move by a Spanish magistrate to go forward with the next step for a war crimes prosecution of Bush administration lawyers relating to Spaniards imprisoned in Guantanamo.  Julian Davis Mortenson knows about international law issues relating to war crimes–he spent a year as […]

Dan Froomkin meditates on how the Washington Post (where he works) got it wrong so long…

In a long and excellent post about torture and the Bush administration, Dan Froomkin compares a recent story in the Washington Post and the same facts reported three years ago by Ron Suskind in his book The One Percent Doctrine. The front page story in Sunday’s Washington Post

reported that “not a single significant […]