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My mom and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

My mom grew up in the region around New York– born in Hartford, Connecticut, and childhood in Connecticut, Long Island, and other places in the area before her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida when she was a teenager.  So perhaps I grew up viewing the balloons and all from the Macy’s parade as […]

Happy Thanksgiving


I’ve been cooking since just after 8…  There’s a 20 pound turkey in the oven (see above) stuffed on one side with sausage, pecan, chanterelle, sage, white bread, and on the other with cornbread, giblets, chili poblano, etc.; there’s double-rich stock cooking since late last night for gravy.

First thing this morning […]

“Happy Thanksgiving” said the disembodied head as it floated past.

For more photos from a distinctly creepier era of Thanksgiving parade balloons, go here.

Thanksgiving in Process, Circa Noon

A full morning of making a mis en place:

Starting at the orange one on the left:  Satsuma and lemon for cranberry, onion, toasted pecan for the white bread dressing, carrots, celery, then a back row of  rough chopped celery leaves, onion and celery for stock and for the turkey roasting pan, then […]

Turkey Gumbo with Donald Link’s deer sausage (recipe and comments)

Turkey gumbo is my standard weekend post-Thanksgiving or Christmas production. It’s slightly tricky– turkey stock has a strong flavor that has to be accommodated in a way chicken or even seafood stock does not, and the turkey meat cannot stand any length of cooking in the stock without turning stringy.

A secondary issue with […]

Sam Sifton: Emergency Answer Man Thanksgiving Morning

Sam Sifton is the 911-blogger for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning at the NY Times food blog.  Here’s what he’s offering:

The New York Times Thanksgiving Help Desk will open for business tomorrow morning at 7. I will be sitting at its w, armed with coffee, reference books, source lists, phone lists and all that the […]

Sam Sifton of the NY Times brings us: The Explosive Turkey Bomb

I’m enjoying the hell out of Sam Sifton’s blogging on the NYTimes food blog (he’s also started off well and vividly as the Times’ new restaurant critic).  This week, he’s doing Q&A on Thanksgiving dinner, and warns of (some of) the hazards of frying a turkey:

Q.  I’ve heard suggestions of brining the […]