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“Shiny objects have no place in the law.”

While you await my discussion of the McDaniel election contest opinion, I will direct your attention to Anderson’s quotation and discussion of the Tea Party response. The response contains the sentence quoted in the title of this post. While I cannot explain its meaning, I make some notes about the recurrence of warnings about […]

Tea Party to commemorate Freedom Summer by having poll watchers set to intimidate black voters who might turn out for Cochran

That’s not precisely how it’s reported at the New York Times, but certainly what I get reading between the lines.

Well, interesting: Mark Mayfield, vice-chairman of Mississippi Tea Party arrested in connection with Cochran photographing

That’s Mayfield with candidate McDaniel in the photo from the Clarion-Ledger.

The Clarion Ledger reports the arrest, and that there has been one other arrest, as yet unnamed:

The vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and one other suspect have been arrested in connection with the photographing of the bedridden wife of […]

House Bill 490: Mississippi’s Bid for Supremacy in the area of Legislative Silliness

So that you can point at them and laugh should they walk into a restaurant, pictured above are Gary Chism, representing House District 39 (Lowndes, Clay, Oktibeha Counties), a Shriner, insurance agent, Republican, and chair of the House Insurance committee and Jeffery Smith, representing House District 39 (Lowndes), Baptist Deacon,  former County […]

The Romney campaign is not carefully targeting their messages in Mississippi

On my home phone last night, there was a message from the Romney campaign:  A robocall intended to convince me that Rick Santorum was not the Tea Party candidate and that he didn’t like them and they didn’t like him.

This message was not calculated to motivate me, but then, I’m not sure what […]

Monday Afternoon Various

Let’s Mandate Speech! And Music! As Kylve Veasley reports in his Clarion Ledger blog, some genius in the legislature representing Mantachie wants to add this to the Mississippi Code:  “The University of Mississippi shall bear the nickname ‘Ole Miss Rebels’ and its mascot shall be ‘Colonel Rebel.’ The University of Mississippi’s marching band, known as […]

Michelle Bachman, literary critic

Congressman Michelle Bachman (Crazy-MN), TPM reports, was reading a novel when she decided she was a Republican and not a Democrat

“Until I was reading this snotty novel called ‘Burr,’ by Gore Vidal, and read how he mocked our Founding Fathers,” Bachmann told the crowd. “And as a reasonable, decent, fair-minded person who happened […]

Stanley Fish says to quit calling the Tea Party names

Before you read the post, I want you to contemplate that I’m perfectly justified to use a red-figure krater by the 5th C BC Greek potter Euphronios to illustrate a post about the Tea Party.  The painting is Hercules wrestling with Antaeus.

Stanley Fish has a post up about the Tea Party on […]