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Eugene Genovese, Southern Historian, has died at 82

Eugene Genovese, best known for the magisterial Roll Jordan Roll: The World The Slaves Made, an account of the conditions of southern slavery from the point of view of the culture the slaves created, which won the Bancroft Prize in 1975, has died at 8s.  Genovese, who began his career known as a Marxist historian […]

Larry Wilmore is fine with “pecan pie, William Faulkner, and sweet tea,” but just wants to us to admit…

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Ole Miss Number 4 in AP poll, highest since 9/64– plus Sunday afternoon various

Everybody hold your breath.  From the Tupelo Journal:  “Ole Miss has equaled its highest national ranking in 45 years, as the Rebels jumped one spot to No. 4 in the Associated Press poll, which was announced today. The USA Today Coaches poll moved the team up one slot to No. 5 in its […]

Historian of the South Kenneth Stampp died at 92

Historian Kenneth Stampp died at 92 in Oakland, California.  He came to Ole Miss in the 70s for a chancellor’s symposium on slavery; he was essentially the founder of the re-interpretation of that subject in the 50s through the 70s.  From the New York Times obituary:

His reputation was founded on two books that […]

Jerry Mitchell wins first Ralph McGill award for his coverage of civil rights era cold cases

Jerry Mitchell, whose coverage has been a major factor in the revival of cold civil rights murder cases in Mississippi, particularly Byron de la Beckwith’s sniper killing of Medgar Evers, won the first annual Ralph McGill Award at the University of Georgia’s journalism school.  The award is named after McGill, the editor of the […]

T-P story about preservation of historic Mandeville jazz club

Folks who do blues tourism know how rare rural buildings associated with the blues have become– they tend to have been pretty ephemeral buildings to start with, and no effort was made toward preservation for the better part of a century.   There’s a rural jazz club in Mandeville that’s been preserved, and local government […]

John Hope Franklin on Fresh Air

Really remarkable interview, available here, in a tribute to Franklin.  H/t Tucker Carrington.

Why John Hope Franklin matters to me

Lotus sent me an email earlier today (while I was in the middle of  work crisis) that the Southern historian John Hope Franklin had died, and I spent a few minutes online trying to find an obituary that stated his importance.  I didn’t, and am left with writing something about my own personal responses.


Using the Blog: How the Categories are used here

I like to see everyone read the whole blog, but I noted that there were some folks who commented they only read posts about law, and didn’t care about the food posts, etc.  There’s a way to use categories to deny yourself the full-blown goodness of the blog and only read about subjects that […]