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Apple is promising iOS encrypts your data so securely Apple can’t even see it, or give it to law enforcement

This is the best announcement I’ve heard from Apple in a while.  Lily Hay Newman reports on Slate:

In the new mobile operating system, all you have to do is add a passcode (which you should already have anyway!) to opt in to encryption that denies Apple special access to your data. Apple announced […]

Adopt a Truffle Tree: Further Adventures in non-registration of Securities?

I recall from the either the securities law or the corporations class taught by Cliff Hodge a section involving attempts to circumvent securities registration requirements by structuring something as other than a security.  One involved an orange grove, where the orange trees were sold one at a time but what the promoter was really […]

When a password isn’t a lock: Weird iPhone security problem and PhoneView

PhoneView is a program that allows you to back up, review, and print voice mail, text messages, contacts, media, and essentially everything else on your iPhone.  I bought it ($19.95) after trying a demo and having a positive reaction.  I just tried it out on my iPhone, and again liked what I found.

But […]