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Orange you glad Sarah went to Super Sunday to see the Mardi Gras Indians

Photograph by Sarah Simonson and heading thanks to the knock knock jokes of my childhood.

The Cheese Brought Sarah to Tears

My daughter texted me today:

There was this one moment when I went to the campodolio hill and stood at an overlook where there is a great view of the roman forum and it made me tear up it was so beautiful.

Well, I felt emotional like that today……about cheese.

Today, my daughter […]

Sarah blogs a semester studying in Rome

My daughter is spending a semester in Rome, living a couple of blocks from the Coliseum, blogging and making us all (well, me, anyway) envious.  She discovered that the perfect coffee shop is next to where she’ll be in school…

One of the great finds of the day was courtesy of Fred Plotkin. This […]

Oxford Film Festival this weekend!

I’ve been remiss for not drawing attention to the Oxford Film Festival, particularly since my daughter, Sarah Simonson, has a documentary short film in the festival!

I recommend going to see Dinner on the Grounds, at 11:15 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. That’s Sarah’s film.  It’s a documentary about traditions of “all day suppers and dinner […]

Dinner on the Grounds: A Soul Reviving Feast

My daughter was in a team at Ole Miss this Spring in a class on documenting food in Southern culture.  She did a movie on dinner on the grounds.  Here it is; I’m very proud of her project.  (Her name is Sarah Simonson).