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Guilty Plea in Rose Cochran photo case

John Mary has pleaded guilty in Madison County to an information that he conspired to violate Miss. Code Ann. 97-45-17.  It alleges that he conspired with Clayton Kelly, Ric Sager, and Mary Mayfield against a victim designated as RC, meaning, of course, Rose Cochran.  The Clarion Ledger is reporting the plea to […]

Charles Pierce tries to put the Senate campaign dirty trick in context

Charles Pierce, at his politics blog at Esquire, notes the history of Republican political operative “ratf—kery.”  He starts his description with the Citizens (yes, the same ones) United guys activity in Arkansas in an attempt to pin something, anything on Clinton.  He could have gone farther back– the term entered the American political lexicon […]

More about the McDaniels campaign and the photo of Mrs. Cochran

Kingfish has the voice mail where the McDaniels staffer called a Cochran staffer with obvious knowledge of what had happened, but prior to the Clarion Ledger reporting the victim.

Kingfish broke this story in the middle of the night the other night, and I saw it then.  He had the press release from the […]