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Roger Wicker and Earmarks: The Courage of His Convictions

Roger Wicker has hundreds of earmarks sponsored by him in the spending bill about to be voted on in congress.  Hundreds.  But he’s against earmarks! So how is he going to show that opposition?  He’s going to speak out against them! He’s going to vote against the bil!  And, presumably, he’ll issue some sort […]

A Prospect Too Terrifying To Contemplate

So tomorrow on Supertalk Mississippi and the Gallo show, we get an hour of revisionist history from  Ross Barnett, Jr., talking  about his dad, the sixties, and “what history and Hollywood may have missed.”  And then we get an hour of Roger Wicker on… it’s not clear.   It seems to be the current political […]

At Curtis Wilkie’s reading a Square Books… (plus a Roger Wicker story)

There was a huge and amiable crowd. Curtis selected well from what to read– he read a passage about politics that shows both a strength and weakness of the book. In 1994, Scruggs was contemplating the Medicare tobacco lawsuit. He had been threatened with indictment for taking a contingent fee for representing the state […]

Roger Wicker and that contingent fee provision Scruggs slipped through the legislature

In a post earlier today, I quoted Patsy Brumfield’s discusion of what’s new in Curtis Wilkie’s book.  Jane asked if the account of Pete Johnson getting a bill authorizing hiring contingent fee counsel was new.  I thought what was new was that Roger Wicker was the legislator who did Pete Johnson and Dickie Scruggs’s […]

Patsy Brumfield reports some juicy bits from Curtis Wilkie’s Scruggs book

For instance, she writes:

It also puts Lott’s replacement, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo, in a pivotal maneuver for private lawyers to get future contingency fees when they represent the state.

Scruggs needed the approval in his 1994 plans to use Mississippi’s Medicaid program to sue Big Tobacco for medical bills of heavy […]

Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker: Against a vote on the jobs bill but for the jobs bill. Got it?

There are much harder gyrations politicians attempt to make– take, for instance, McCain’s current claim that he didn’t realize the Tarp money was going to banks (he said he was mislead by Bush’s secretary of treasury) and that Obama suspended his campaign, too– but the two Mississippi senators are in a small and exclusive […]

Cochran yes, Wicker no on Bernanke

From the Tupelo Journal today

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will get a “yes” vote from Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran when his re-nomination comes up as expected Friday.

“I support him,” Cochran told the Daily Journal today. “He will bring stability and a feeling of comfort to people who watch the […]

Roger Wicker is joining Senator Inhofe in the, uh, “truth squad” in Copenhagen.

Not sure what else to say about that.  Maybe Roger wanted to see the mermaid statue.

Some Republican Senators Explain Their Sotomayor Votes

Thad Cochran is going to vote against Sonia Sontomayor on the Supreme Court, and he makes it pretty clear it’s pretty much tit-for-tat for opposition to Mike Wallace and Charles Pickering on the Fifth Circuit (he also lists Leslie Southwick, who was confirmed).  He also characterizes (without quoting) Sontomayor’s “wise Latina” remark in a […]

How Congressman Wicker became Senator Wicker

This post is not going to be what you think from the heading.

Ipse Bloggit has posted a compliant just filed in Hinds County Circuit, in which Mrs. Pickering (wife of the former Congressman) is suing Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd for allienation of affections.

Standard disclaimer:  These are just allegations, one side of a law […]