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John Folse and Rick Tramonto restaurant coming to Ridgeland, Mississippi

John Folse, a Louisiana chef and writer from the German Coast along the Mississippi above New Orleans, and Rick Tramonto, a chef and writer associated with Chicago, opened Restaurant R’Evolution in the French Quarter two years ago.  While Restaurant R’Evolution got a mixed reaction at its start, it’s received more positive attention since.  Here’s […]

What’s this about?

In window of the space once occupied by the sadly lamented L&M Kitchen and Salumeria, there’s this:

I’m gathering this is what Jim Higgins at OxfordWelcomesYou noted in his afterward to his post-Doubledecker post.

How to get your oysters

At Snackbar, John Currence’s new restaurant in Midtown Shopping Center in Oxford (next to Big Bad Breakfast), there are two bars, an oyster bar downstairs, covered with green and white glass tiles beside which sits big containers for ice and oysters, and a very long, dramatic wooden bar upstairs (manned by manager Drew, […]

Helpful pig related tip for readers of tomorrow’s NYTimes food column

You may be asking tomorrow:  “what is a long cut pig’s foot?”

Or maybe not.

The New York Times Sunday food column has had a series (which I’ve greatly enjoyed) in which Amanda Hesser takes a past recipe from the Times, describes it, perhaps updates it slightly, and gets a restaurant chef to do […]

New Thai Place in Oxford

“Bangkok Thai & Sushi Restaurant” (thankfully, the sushi part seems conceptual) has opened in the motel on Frontage Road just off South Lamar (by the southernmost roundabout off 6).  They’ve been open about a week, and seem to be the folks who were until recently doing evening Thai specials at the Indian place over […]

Tuesday Morning Various

Tupelo has made another partial payment to the ethics consulatent, who has now apparently been paid over $100K on a project that was originally supposed to cost the city $35K, but the details of how and why are pretty confusing.  I’m guessing the payment was lurking in the city’s claims docket (a ledger […]

“I think the government failed in their oversight” – Allen Stanford

I think the government failed in their oversight and I’m the maverick rich Texan where they can put the moose head on the wall. And that’s the only reason they went after me,” Stanford said. “I’m fighting for my survival and for my integrity.

-Allen Sanford, in an interview with ABC news, outside a […]

Food & Wine nods to Memphis chef Kelly English

Food and Wine magazine has a list of best new chefs, and named Kelly English, who has the restaurant Iris in midtown Memphis (it’s where La Tourelle used to be right next to Overton Square).  I’ve eaten in Iris once, and had a wonderful meal at the bar there on a snowy Saturday a […]

Just because I leave town, news about hogs doesn’t quit occurring

The big new exclusive hard-to-find ingredient is hairy pigs! From Hungary, no less!  There’s  one source in this country, and the New York Times is making it sound like they’re even hotter than Berkshire hogs.

My major reaction to the article was to once again wish I had more opportunity to eat Spanish […]

A return to a familiar theme

This is from John Besh’s restaurant Luke, on St. Charles just before Poydras in New Orleans.  The Oysters yesterday were from the same place.

What we have here from left to right is a country terrine wrapped in Alan Benton’s bacon, a duck liver pate, rillettes, and last but not least…

once again, […]