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Arrest Warrant Pecan Pie

Grandmothers tended to be thrifty, one result being recipes saved on all kinds of scraps of paper.  My grandmother tended to favor things the size of index cards, or that could be readily folded, because she kept hers in a small index box.

Taylor Davidson’s great-grandfather Willy S. Tatum was a Justice of the […]

Garlic Scape time is now: Here’s a recipe for garlic scapes and rice with red snapper

Update: details about the origins of the garlic were added.

In our yard on the edge of the woods, we have a patch of garlic that originally came from Joyce’s great-grandmother’s farm in Pellahatchie, Mississippi.

When Joyce’s father Burl would get home from school in the Antioch community, he would get some cornbread […]

Rice with Corn and Chile Poblano (recipe)

I had a ziplock bag with skillet corn in the freezer from the height of corn season last July, and had an idea for using it with rice.  It may have been an echo from a Mexican recipe for rice and corn from one of Diana Kennedy’s books, although my idea was pretty different […]

L&B’s Meat Market going all in for bringing fresh fish to Oxford, plus a red snapper recipe

L&B’s Meat Market, at 2008 E. University Ave across from Kroger’s (contact info below) is bringing fresh fish– much from the Gulf Coast– to Oxford.  There are a couple of ways to go.  His basic model is that you order a set amount by Wednesday noon, it is delivered by Thursday at 4, and they will […]

The Browns are now producing buttermilk (and a buttermilk dressing recipe)

Brown Family Dairy Farm has now unveiled buttermilk (it may not be brand spanking new, but this is the first I have encountered it).  The Farmers Market on old Highway 7 had half-gallon containers today, and I got one.

My experience is that the few times I have had real farm buttermilk, it was […]

Wilted Lettuce Salad

A new grower at the MidTown Farmers Market yesterday, who is from Pea Ridge (I’m sorry I did not catch their name) had bundles of beautiful delicate lettuce that looked somewhat red-leaf like.  I suspect this lettuce would not survive shipment.

Joyce immediately recognized it as the early Spring leaf lettuce used in her […]

Oxford Mid-Town Farmer’s Market, Week 2

Last week was the opening week of the Oxford Farmer’s market.  I came away with lots of greens (mustard, kale, spinach, cabbage), green onions, shitake mushrooms and more.

This week there will be these things from three of my favorite farmers:

Linda Boyd will have lettuce, arugula, French filet beans, Italian dandelion, Swiss chard, […]

Super Bowl snacks: some salsas

I was going to a friend’s house who was doing chili, so I did salsas and dips, the salsas largely Mexican from Diana Kennedy, a chili con queso based on a New Mexican recipe (from the cookbook The Aficionado’s Southwestern Cooking by Ronald Johnson), and guacamole of my own making from years of practice.

Recipes might be tricky to replicate.  The heat of particular ingredients can vary widely, as can the liquid needed to get the texture right.

I had a pile of chili poblanos that I roasted on my stove, then sweated a plastic bag, washed, seeded, and chopped.  I peeled  seeded some big Florida tomatoes, and chopped white onions, among other preparations.

More specifically– here’s three of the recipes.  I also did guacamole, and a dried chile salsa; if anyone wants those recipes, I’ll respond to popular demand….

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Mosca’s Chicken a la Grande

Mosca’s is an Italian roadhouse on the West Bank in New Orleans that dates back to the 40s.  I’ve posted about a recent meal there.  One of the reasons I return is one of their chicken dishes, chicken a la grande, apparently named after a horse trainer patron of the place a long […]

What I did with chanterelles: Wild mushroom and Korean leek risotto

Yesterday, I collected some chanterelle mushrooms with the help of a couple of biology professors.  Today, my wife cooked a wonderful omelet with some of them.  I divided the rest in half– 4 oz for tonight (mostly the small ones tonight, with a lot of what I was told were cinnabar mushrooms– little bright […]