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More magic from Dr. Hayne! (or, the geniuses at the AG’s office don’t know 9 is before 10 and 12)

Radley Balko and the Innocent Project have another Dr. Hayne case to chew upon.

One aspect of Dr. Hayne’s testimony that was particularly vile is that, when cross-examined, he’d simply make stuff up.  A lawyer can’t be well prepared enough to cross-examine a witness who can just fabricate authority and answers on the fly.  He […]

Radley Balko is coming to Ole Miss to speak Oct. 25th

Journalist Radley Balko (whose blog the Agitator I regularly link) is coming to speak at Ole Miss Law School October 25th.

Regular readers are aware of journalist Radley Balko, whose particular expertise as a reporter is problems with the criminal justice system, ranging from innocence cases to police harrassment of citizens (arrests for public […]

Reason Magazine’s crime issue is online

Reason Magazine has its crime issue entirely online.  As readers of this blog would expect, Radley Balko has two good pieces, a “Bad Boys” story about several of the worst (and two of the best) prosecutors in America, that leads off with Forrest Allgood, and a story about innocence cases that focuses on one […]

Radley Balko on the Gallo Show in Mississippi Tomorrow

Radley Balko will bring his coverage from Reason Magazine of Steve Hayne and the Mississippi cororner mess to the Gallo Show on Mississippi Talk Radio tomorrow between 7 and 7:30.  Here’s what Gallo’s press release says:

7:05 Radley Balko, Senior Editor for Reason Magazine- Balko reports that Mississippi’s coroners and prosecutors are currently planning […]