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“If the flames of anger rise any higher in this land, your name on your tombstone will be covered with dirt.” dissident Iranian poet Simin Bahbani has died.

Simin Behbahani, the poet known as “the Lioness of Iran,” has died at 87.  I’ve only read a few of her poems, but she seems to have been a master of justified righteous fury.  As an example, here’s her poem about the 2009 uprising known as the “Green Revolution”

Stop Throwing My Country […]

A couple of Natasha Trethewey’s Poems

This first one is on the Poetry Foundation website.

History Lesson

I am four in this photograph, standing on a wide strip of Mississippi beach, my hands on the flowered hips

of a bright bikini. My toes dig in, curl around wet sand. The sun cuts the rippling Gulf in flashes with each