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Judge Littlejohn and the pledge make the NY Times

In the National Briefing section of the (print) NY Times, this appeared today:

A judge will be reprimanded and fined $100 for jailing a lawyer who refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in his courtroom. The State Supreme Court affirmed the recommendation from the Commission on Judicial Performance against Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn of […]

Reprimand recommended for Judge Littlejohn for jailing Danny Lampley over the pledge.

The Judicial Performance Commission has found that Judge Littlejohn violated Danny Lampley’s First Amendment rights by incarcerating him for refusing to say the pledge of¬†allegiance, and has recommended to the Mississippi Supreme Court that Judge Littlejohn be given a public reprimand and fined $100 for violating Lampley’s rights.

The decision as to sanction is […]

Daily Journal Online Poll About Whether Judge Littlejohn Was Right

Embodying the on-the-one-hand/one-the-other-hand school of journalism, the Daily Journal writes that Danny Lampley’s decision to reject a mandatory loyalty oath was “baffling,” while Judge Little John was “wrong” to jail him for doing so, the Daily Journal also asks readers to vote on whether Judge Littlejohn was right.

When I cast my vote, only […]

The Commercial Appeal editorializes: “The Judge Was In Contempt”

The Commercial Appeal’s editorial Saturday was about the jailing of lawyer Danny Lampley for failing to recite the pledge of allegiance:

Courtrooms are supposed to be impartial sanctums where justice is dispensed and disputes are settled.

They are not a place where the patriotism of a plaintiff, defendant or attorney should be tested before […]

Danny Lampley and the Sword of Damocles

I’ve got the order now on which Judge Littlejohn released Danny Lampley yesterday after first jailing him for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance.

It would make me nervous to be the subject of this order; being peremptorily jailed is not the kind of thing I’d want hanging out there “in abeyance.”


Lawyer Jailed by Chancellor for Failing to Recite Pledge of Allegiance

Danny Lampley (who clerked for me in law school), was jailed by Chancery Court Judge Littlejohn in Tupelo for failing to recite the pledge of allegiance in open court today. ¬†Danny was one of the local lawyers who represented the plaintiff in the Pontotoc school prayer case years ago, working with the ACLU […]