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Eggleston article in the Financial Times

William Eggleston and his sons are working through photographs he took through the seventies, many under a series he called the “Democratic Forrest.”

There’s going to be shows of this work, described in this FT article by an editor who helped put together the Democratic Forrest book.  Well worth reading for some history […]

Joe Clark, great photographer of Appalachia

Photographer Joe Clark is a little known photographer from Cumberland Gap, Tennessee whose first photograph was purchased by Life Magazine.  He spent his life making pictures in Appalachia and Detroit and elsewhere, producing beautiful images.

And you know his work, but don’t realize it.  In the 1950s, when Art Hancock wanted to establish the […]

New York– vintage color photos

These are three photographs taken by Charles Cushman in the forties, from a collection of his color photographs held by Indiana University. More can be seen here. The bottom is McSorley’s Saloon in Greenwich Village, about two years before it was profiled in the New Yorker by Joseph Mitchell. You can […]

William Eggleston on the Today show

Photographer William Eggleston was was profiled this morning on the Today Show’s Living Legends series.

I know I’ve blogged about him several times… Here’s a post with one of his photographs in it, and in comments, Anderson linked to this Paris Review piece with several others.

h/t Scott Baretta.

1826: The First Photograph

That’s a photograph?  Look really carefully, starting at the indentation sticking out in the upper left-hand corner and go at about a 45 degree angle down till the line drops off to straight vertical– it’s a roof-line.  And there’s a smudge just to the right of that that is clearly a tree on […]