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Sun Herald reports Pete Halat released to half-way house

Anita Lee reports that Pete Halat is in a half-way house in Hattiesburg, looking to a release in April of next year after serving 15 years:

Fresh from prison, former Biloxi Mayor Pete Halat is working as a handyman at St. Thomas Catholic Church on the University of Southern Mississippi campus in Hattiesburg.


While on the subject of Mississippi true crime stories involving hit men…

Mike Gillich has died. Here’s the story in the Sun Herald.

Gillich operated strip joints on the Gulf Coast, and was deeply connected to the Dixie Mafia. He was convicted in the effort to hire a hit on circuit judge Vincent Sherry, and later became a government witness in convicted Biloxi mayor Pete Halat […]

Dixie Mafia / Strip Club Owner Mike Gillich does tell all / as told to book

Anita Lee at the Sun Herald has an interesting story about an as-told-to book that strip club owner / Dixie Mafia gangster Mike Gillich, Jr. has done with attorney Chet Nicholson.

Gillich had strip clubs and other similar businesses on the coast, and helped Pete Hallat and Kirksey Nix set up the hit on […]