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What happend that produced the vote-down of the Personhood Amendment

This has been an interesting thing to see for me.  I think it’s one of the few true grassroots movements I’ve ever seen, with the really effective efforts being made by local folks without extensive political experience.

They were spreading the word that was true to them, and not a political message that was […]

Under Godwin’s law, does this mean “No” wins?

Phil Bryant, at a forum in Tupelo, said that opponents of the Personhood initiative are working for Satan.

He also likened the “no” side to Nazis creating a Holocaust.

As I understand Godwin’s Law, this moment was coming. But doesn’t it also mean the “No” side wins?


Slate’s David Weigel takes up Prop26 and IVF

He notes Yes-On-26 folks are talking out of both sides of their mouths, here as elsewhere:

Another problem that’s capitivated Slatesters: How would Personhood affect IVF? How could you fail to use all the eggs you fertilize without technically killing people? Carmon quoted a YesOn26 activist who asked and answered the question.

If you […]

Rev. Duncan Gray explains why he is against Proposition 26

Update: Some folks may be coming here from a comment at Balloon Juice that notes that ” The law is so nutty that a Catholic bishop opposes it.”    While this post is about the law being so nutty a Episcopal bishop opposes it, a Catholic bishop here also opposes it.

I have been collecting material […]