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The Acid Test: Remember the guy Scalia dinged for reading his argument? He won his case

Folks may recall an argument where Scalia let a lawyer have it for reading his argument:

Lechner’s quite apparent nervousness might well have been explained because, after he had spoken only a few sentences, Justice Antonin Scalia brusquely asked: “You’re not reading this?”  Lechner didn’t answer, simply standing silent for a lengthy embarrassed moment.


Does the Constitution say that Congress’s powers don’t extend to the kind of question Justice Scalia doesn’t think Congress is good at?

Today, the Supreme Court heard argument in Shelby County v. Holder.  The transcript is very much worth reading.

(Note to lay readers:  I attempt to explain the act at issue here about midway down the post if you want some help following the last block quote).

One part is pretty breathtaking.  Recall that Justice Scalia […]

The Barbour Pardons case: How to watch the argument, and what you need to know to follow it

Watching the argument

There are several ways to watch the three hour argument tomorrow beginning at nine without hopping over to High Street and watching it in person.

If you want to watch in your pajamas or from your office, the usual URL for live court broadcast on the court’s site already has a link […]