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We All Must Look The Same To Them

Anderson is going to love this one.

This was in the Chittenango, New York may have been in a newspaper’s sports section this morning.  From Shannon Lovejoy on Facebook.

Update:  I wondered about the cut off masthead, which should have been a big read flag.  When someone goof on Facebook tried to foist this off […]

It’s not clear what’s occurring at HottyToddy.Com…

Day before yesterday, Alan Lange at YallPolitics noted that the M-Club was offering tours of the Scruggs home for $30 this weekend.  He posted a sccan of a flier describing the tour and a link (now expired) where you could register for that part of the event.  The post stated the opinions that this […]

A Black Student at Ole Miss ponders the Kappa Alpha fraternity’s Old South Ball

In today’s Daily Mississippian, the opinion editor, Tim Abram, meditates on why it would be that his college classmates who are in the Kappa Alpha fraternity might think it’s a good idea to travel to St. Joseph Plantation, where parts of 12 Years a Slave were filmed, to have themselves an Old South Ball, celebrating the “values” of […]

Tonight, it was wonderful to see both vandalism and obstructionism go down to ignominious defeat.

The Cardinals have been owed a weird umpire call at least since game 6 of the 1985 World Series, right?  (And, sorry Red Sox fans, the way the third baseman kicked up his legs was obstruction. See below).

Here’s the rule and comment:

OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in […]

Long Ago Concerts At Ole Miss

With Neil Young and Crazy Horse on tour again, I was remembering one of the first real concerts I ever saw:  B.B. King and Crazy Horse at Tad Smith at Ole Miss circa 1972.   I posted about it on Facebook, and asked who might remember it and got nothing (I’m still waiting to […]

Christopher Walken is wrong

and so is Will Farrell


Ole Miss has announced that they are opening the stadium early Saturday because they are going to be making extra special efforts to assure–


The Clarion Ledger reports:

Mississippi State fans trying to smuggle a forbidden cowbell into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium before the Egg Bowl this weekend […]

Program cover from first Ole Miss Vandy game in Oxford

h/t Local Voice on Facebook

Where I was the night of the Meredith Riot

I was not-quite seven years old the night of the Meredith riot.  It was warm enough that the windows at my parent’s house were open.  We lived on Eagle Springs Road, which goes up the tallest hill on the north side of town; the bottom for Toby Tuby Creek runs between that hill and […]

“An Open Letter to Henry’s Friends” in the DM

The Daily Mississippian ran this letter today, signed by Christopher Schultz:

An open letter to Henry’s friends:

Or maybe you’re not Henry’s friends. Friends would’ve sent Henry home, or at least shut him up, on Saturday night, when he shouted “nigger” off the bridge near the Ford Center at some people below. Instead, you […]

Josh Morse, dean of Ole Miss law school 1964-1969, has died

Josh Morse, who was dean of the Ole Miss Law School from 1964 to 1969, died recently.  From his obituary in Tallahassee, where he was dean of Florida State’s law school from 1969 to 1980:

Morse was born March 1, 1923. A native of Poplarville, Mississippi, his college education at the University of Mississippi […]