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A question of tastefulness

Did any readers see the Col. Reb Foundation’s “bear hunt” staged Thursday night in bars around the Square?

They had a big (like probably a yard or slightly more tall) stuffed black bear strung up on some sort of little scaffold and were inviting people to come up and kick it and hit it […]

There’s a Bear on the Square

Two doors down, the folks at Rooster’s don’t seem to want to make him welcome.

I would not want to be the bouncer having to enforce that sign if the bear decides to come in anyway.

Meanwhile, down at Lindsey’s Chevron, yet another opinion about the proper mascot seems to be […]

We’re da bears?

h/t Daniel Morrow on Facebook

A Camel is a Horse Designed by a Committee

This is vehicle was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, to whom the quote in my title is often attributed.

Something about the mascot selection process brought this maxim to mind.

The mascot candidates: bleah.

This is asinine.  They don’t look like sharks, they look like goofy dinosaurs.  That’s they only takeaway from this particular head-shape walking on two legs.  So we get a friendly velociraptor for a mascot?  And the clothes send it even goofier– what’s with Panama hat paired with a football uniform?

Ok, next we’re getting […]

Quick! Call Christine O’Donnell! We have proof!

Reflecting for a moment on the Daily Journal story about the Ole Miss mascot, I saw something I just simply missed when I first read it– here within a six month period, we’ve had evidence of evolution!  Those Hottys and Toddys must have a life span and reproduction rate of fruit flies!

Here’s what […]

Report from the Mascot Selection Committee: Belief in the dual nature of Hotty and Toddy is heresy

The mascot selection committtee debated the dual nature of Hotty and Toddy and has decreed that Hotty and Toddy are one, henceforth to be called Hotty Toddy.  All those who persist in the belief that Hotty and Toddy had two aspects are to be excommunicated as heretics.

All those who believed in the lion and […]