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Josh Morse, dean of Ole Miss law school 1964-1969, has died

Josh Morse, who was dean of the Ole Miss Law School from 1964 to 1969, died recently.  From his obituary in Tallahassee, where he was dean of Florida State’s law school from 1969 to 1980:

Morse was born March 1, 1923. A native of Poplarville, Mississippi, his college education at the University of Mississippi […]

Sports Law Symposium on legal issues for the Bowl Championship Series, conference realignment

The Sports Law Journal at Ole Miss law school is having a symposium March 2nd, and will be offering some free CLE in connection with it:

The 2012 Mississippi Sports Law Review spring symposium will be held March 2 at 1 p.m. in room 1078 of the University of Mississippi School of Law. The symposium will […]

April Fools Post: Joint Clinical Program For Ole Miss Law School and Music Department Announced

Update:  This post was put on the internet on April 1, 2011.  It is an April 1st hoax; I’ve been slightly startled by the number of people who thought it real!

The Music Department and the civil clinics at the University of Mississippi Law School have announced a joint project, coordinated by the Center […]

Sad to report the passing of Cora Jordan

Cora Miner Jordan was in law school with me and a neighbor for years; after law school, she wrote Neighbor Law:  Fences, Trees, Boundaries and Noise, a book to help laymen figure out what to do when good fences do not make good neighbors.  With her husband, the great Southern historian Win Jordan, she […]

Suing where the Southern Cross’ the Dog

The housing part of the civil clinical programs in the law school has filed a pretty interesting lawsuit against a slumlord down in the Delta just outside Moorhead.  To read the allegations of the complaint, what you have here is old-school Delta or Mississippi property owner (this is my fiefdom, to do as […]

Dean Davis steps down as Law School dean, to return to teaching

Dean Davis has sent this email to the law students at Ole Miss law school:

This year marks the last year of my third term as Dean of the School of Law. After much reflection and discussion with both the Chancellor and the Provost, I have decided that this year will be my last […]

Patsy Brumfield writes about the Scruggs scandals two years on

Patsy Brumfield has a couple of tw0-years-on thumb sucking pieces about the Scruggs scandals in the Daily Journal today.  One focuses on the state bar leadership with some notes about the law school graduates of the last two years, and the other on law professor Ben Cooper’s ethics class and their take on the […]

Law schools that sell for less? Ole Miss ranks fifth.

The National Jurist (I am unfamiliar with it…) did a ranking of “Best Value Law Schools.”  Ole Miss ranked fifth.  Here’s the method, quoted in a post titled “Dollar Store for Law Schools” on the blog Above The Law:

In determining what makes a law school a “best value,” we first looked at tuition, […]