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Being an Ole Miss fan will break your heart. That, and the lost cause


When I was fourteen, kids in town could sell football programs.  We’d get a ticket to the game as a part of the deal, and we’d come home with a good chunk of change if we were good at selling programs.  Kids really devoted to making money would sell […]

For those curious how ESPN Gameday is supposed to work in the Grove this weekend…

If “work” is the right word.  This will be a carnival, without doubt.

How often has Ole Miss football scored 59 or more points?

Not often.  The last time we scored 59 or more against a team that wasn’t Louisana-Monroe (who we beat 59-0 in 2008 and 59-14 in 2003) was 1994 against Southern Ill.

Before that:

1980 Memphis St. 61-7

1979 Vandy 63-28

1969 Southern 69-7 (paid for that one the next year, perhaps?).  This was the […]

Charles Pierce thought Ole Miss-Alabama could be “more interesting than people think.”

He writes at Esquire:

I believe that Ole Miss at Alabama might be a more interesting game than people think. (Mississippi wideout Donte Moncrief is the country’s most underrated player).

The first half, when we stopped Alabama from the end zone and the game was 9-0, was interesting. I wanted to remain optimistic. The […]

It was insane Saturday in Oxford. This picture gives a sense of it.

Taken off the top of the Double Decker bus, on Grove Loop about where the parking lot between the Journalism Building and where the old (well, most recent old) law school sits.

by Za Ra.

Ole Miss to hire Hugh Freeze as head coach?

The Daily Journal and the Clarion Ledger sports blogs have gone with other online reports and are saying that Arkansas State coach Hugh Freeze will be the next Ole Miss head football coach.

Rebelgrove.com reported that Freeze, the current Arkansas State coach and former Ole Miss assistant, will meet with Ole Mss officials today.


A list of possible coaches and athletic directors for Ole Miss

Parish Alford at the Daily Journal has a list with a punch line to it.  The Clarion Ledger has a list (with more discussion), too, that share names with Alford’s list:

Kirby Smart. Hugh Freeze. Larry Fedora.

Mike Leach. Manny Diaz. Gus Malzahn.

Mark Hudspeth. Rich Rodriguez. …

There’s the high-profile assistants – Malzahn, […]

The Press Conference About Ole Miss Football & Coach Nutt

It can be watched live. It starts at 2:00 PM.

Boone made clear he’s out of the hiring process for a new coach.  He’s stepping aside “no later than December of 2012.”

Here’s Chancellor Jones’s letter blast-emailed to folks about all this:


Office of the Chancellor University, MS 38677-1848 Dear Ole Miss Family […]

Sandra Knispel on Forward Rebel and its apparent leader

Sandra Knispel has an MPB story about the Forward Rebel mess, which discloses a bit about the groups history, noting that there has been a general flight of membership since they chose their path of public attacks:

Forward Rebels was originally a group of fans that met regularly over the summer with Thompson and […]

Salon weighs in on Forward Rebels, football, Lee Habeeb, and talk radio…

The cartoon is from Marshall Ramsey.

The Salon piece, by Andrew Leonard, really doesn’t add much to what Rick Cleveland wrote in the Clarion Ledger.

It begins:

Like most liberal Berkeley, Calif. residents, I am an avid follower of Southeastern Conference college football, which means I often find myself spending my lunch hour […]