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Brian Schmidt took his Nobel Prize to show his grandma…

In a Scientific American account of how the Nobel Prize changes your life, Brian Schmidt describes taking the prize to show his grandmother…

“When I won this, my grandma, who lives in Fargo, North Dakota, wanted to see it. I was coming around so I decided I’d bring my Nobel Prize. […]

You lose the Nobel Prize from the display cabinet. What goes in its place?

When the representatives from Sotheby’s and the Faulkner family came to get the Nobel Prize plaque from the archives at the University of Mississippi so it can be auctioned, it left a void.  What would be an appropriate replacement?

A Robert Johnson 78 record, “Last Fair Deal Gone Down,” of course.  A reliable source […]

Perhaps the past is past: Nobel Prize Medal for sale

(Alternate title:  Sartoris move or Snopes move?).  From the New York Times:

William Faulkner typed the story on the back of University of Mississippi letterhead, an early exercise in fiction writing about a fur trapper’s trip to a big city. Its 13 browned pages, stashed in an old, mismarked box in a barn on […]