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A reminder to beware of those initial news reports during a crisis.

Last week, there was a good example of this when the New York Times (and others) reported that an Isreali Defense Force officer had been kidnapped and it turned out he’d died in combat (and possibly even from friendly fire).

Here’s one from 8/3/1914, courtesy of Matt Yglesias’s Twitter feed.


Gray Foy has died. Who? Well, he had Duchamp, Balanchine, John Kennedy, Capote, Aaron Copland, Anaïs Nin, etc., drop by….

A New York Times obit worth reading.  Hard to state in a sentence what is notable, except this:

On any given night — first in the crumbling brownstone on upper Lexington Avenue where their romance began in the late 1940s, and later in the apartment in the Osborne, to which the couple moved in […]

Hendrik Hertzberg’s correction of the day

From his New Yorker blog:

An earlier version of my column incorrectly referred to Brazil as one of the countries where leaders “have been flamboyantly consolidating their own power.” I meant Venezuela.

—Bill Keller, nytimes.com, 2011

They’re all different countries down there.

—President Ronald Reagan, 1982


How the New York Times paywall works, and what that means for readers of this blog.

The New York Times paywall has just gone up.  It’s odd and complicated, and is sort of explained on this FAQ, although I think you’ll get what you need from my description, below.

I’ve decided to go ahead and make the plunge so I’ll be able to continue to troll the Times for links […]

The NYTimes Media Decoder Blog stares into the abyss…

The New York Times, looking at the money it’s hemorraging at the Boston Globe, having had it’s journalists union just turn down the agreement they were offering, decides to shop the paper and see what it can sell it for.  It’s MediaDecoder blog goes to a number of experts to see what they think […]

Friday Open Thread

First, for my conservative readers who claim that Obama supports don’t say anything critical of him:  Am I disappointed in his decision to withold the photos of prisoner abuse in Afghanistan?  Yes.  Am I dubious about his decision about military tribunals for a few prisoners at Guantanomo?  I’m witholding judgment– the reports that he’s […]

John T. Edge answers reader’s questions in NY Times Diners Journal

This week in Diners Journal on the New York Times site, John T. Edge answered a series of questions from readers:

He writes about whole hog barbecue in North Carolina, places to eat between Mobile and Tampa, and a custard stand he loved in Springfield, Missouri; about Anson Mills grits, New Jersey disco fries […]

The NY Times Chronicles A Descent Into Hell

The first use of waterboarding and other rough treatment against a prisoner from Al Qaeda was ordered by senior Central Intelligence Agency officials despite the belief of interrogators that the prisoner had already told them all he knew, according to former intelligence officials and a footnote in a newly released legal memorandum.

The escalation […]

Helpful pig related tip for readers of tomorrow’s NYTimes food column

You may be asking tomorrow:  “what is a long cut pig’s foot?”

Or maybe not.

The New York Times Sunday food column has had a series (which I’ve greatly enjoyed) in which Amanda Hesser takes a past recipe from the Times, describes it, perhaps updates it slightly, and gets a restaurant chef to do […]

Thursday Morning Various

Is Jackson like Birmingham a sucker for participating in exotic financing that can blow up on it? Kingfish at Jackson Jambalaya thinks the answer is “yes.” If I lived in Jackson, I’d be asking candidates for alderman and mayor about this. If I were a non-incumbent candidate, I’d be raising it pretty loudly.  […]