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Johm Marshall Alexander sworn in as acting US Attorney ND Miss

This happened this morning in Judge Mills’s courtroom. more in a bit.

Paul Quinn on the Neilson case in the Oxford Enterprise

Paul Quinn wrote about the prosecution against Oxford FBI Agent Hal Neilson in the Sunday issue of the Oxford Enterprise.  The indictment and a description of the charges was posted here.

Paul Quinn’s article–which is not available online–does confirm what I’d been told, that Ken Coghlan will be representing Neilson (though as a public […]

Christi McCoy interview in Oxford Enterprise

Today’s Oxford Enterprise has a long and interesting interview with Christi McCoy.  She talks at length about the Scruggs case and the time she spent working for Joey Langston.  The interview is by Sandra Knispel, who did an excellent job with it.

The Enterprise also has stories available online about the Ravine’s effort to […]

Spy versus Spy

I have it on the best of authority, from a usually reliable source, that Christi McCoy’s nomination for the U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of Mississippi is to be withdrawn within hours.

I have it on the best of authority, from a usually reliable source, that Christi McCoy’s nomination for U.S. Attorney […]

Jerry Mitchell asks: Did the ND Miss US Atty office target Muslim convenience stores after 9-11?

Jerry Mitchell has an interesting story in today’s Clarion Ledger about a “Convenience Store Initiative” by the Northern District of Mississippi U.S. Attorney’s office after 9/11 that targeted convenience stores, in particular those owned by folks with Muslim names. They found no evidence of connections to terrorism, but used the intiative as an opportunity […]

“Sources say”– The who about these sources may matter more than the question of what they said…

I mentioned in a recent post that there were a few new Mississippi law-related blogs worth note.   I linked Will Bardwell’s blog.  Another one (also from Jackson) is the Mississippi Litigation Review, which is the blog of Phillip Thomas.  It does exactly what the name suggests.  I enjoy reading it and recommend it.

One […]

Clarion Ledger on US Atty picks– “sources” say Deborah McDonald (SD) and Christi McCoy (ND)

Jimmie Gates in the Clarion Ledger reports:

Natchez attorney Deborah McDonald, 52, is a leading candidate for U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi. In the Northern District of Mississippi, the leading candidate is 40-year-old Oxford attorney Christi McCoy.

If a woman is selected to either post, it would be a first for […]

Patsy Brumfield reports that “informed sources” say the Justice Dept has begun work on Christi McCoy as ND MIss US Atty

She writes in the Daily Journal:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Informed sources say the U.S. Department of Justice has begun its work on President Obama’s nomination of a new U.S. Attorney for North Mississippi.

Reports continue to say the choice will be Booneville native Christi R. McCoy, 40, who practices in Oxford.

McCoy is expected […]