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Some thoughts from Alan Huffman about the attack in Libya

There are reports that the group responsible for killing the American ambassador to Libya are a Muslim sect (is sect the right word?) called Salafists.  NPR quotes Foreign Affairs:  “The Salafist protesters appear to be spurred on by a television program condemning an American film that reportedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad.”  They apparently seek to repudiate […]

More about Hal Neilson– was he under pressure about cases? Is he trying to deflect attention?

This story was a couple of days ago in the Daily Journal.  It suggests problems in cases involving Muslim convenience store owners (which I’ve blogged about) and problems with the beef plant case (in which I was counsel for a defendant).  Because I was involved in the beef plant case– although its concluded– I’m […]

Patsy Brumfield writes about bad blood between Hal Neilson and Jim Greenlee

Patsy Brumfield has an interesting gloss on the Hal Neilson indictment– that there are hints that it is part of a personal issue between Neilson and Greenlee about an issue on which Neilson sought whistleblower status.  Brumfield’s story leads:  “FBI Agent Hal Neilson of Oxford, whose indictment became public Thursday, asked the Department of […]

Jerry Mitchell asks: Did the ND Miss US Atty office target Muslim convenience stores after 9-11?

Jerry Mitchell has an interesting story in today’s Clarion Ledger about a “Convenience Store Initiative” by the Northern District of Mississippi U.S. Attorney’s office after 9/11 that targeted convenience stores, in particular those owned by folks with Muslim names. They found no evidence of connections to terrorism, but used the intiative as an opportunity […]