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Party for Santa Claus

thanks to Lord Nelson.

Yes, Anderson. Lord Nelson.  This one was from Tobago (I wrote Trinidad before I got the link).

Filmmaker Les Blank has died

Filmaker Les Blank has died. Above is part of his film The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins.  He was the featured filmmaker at the 2011 Oxford Film Festival.

From his New York Times obit:

Les Blank, whose sly, sensuous and lyrical documentaries about regional music and a host of other idiosyncratic subjects, including […]

Some 78s to trade…

In the process of accumulating a lot of 78 records of interest to me, I’ve accumulated some that aren’t.

The oddest were the pile that started my collection:  A box that had once contained a crockpot, full to the brim with 78s, given to me sometime the 90s.  It was an odd miscellany:  a […]

My 78 Collection

To simplify things when I’m out an about junking or antiquing, I’m posting this inventory of my 78 collection…


Artist Song1 Song2 Label No. Roy Acuff Don’t Make Me Got To Bed I’ll Be Good I’ll Reap My Harvest In Heaven Okeh 6704 Allen Brothers See Modern Montaineers Albert Ammons I Don’t Want […]