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I think many of us saw this coming: News from State v. Arnold Smith in Greenwood

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that, while Dr. Arnold Smith is undergoing continued examinations concerning whether he is competent to be tried, his attorneys are preparing an insanity defense for the prosecution of Smith for hiring killers to attempt the murder of Greenwood lawyer Lee Abraham.


Dr. Smith, not admitting why he’s not going to work, to the JP: “So, you’re going to destroy my medical practice because I can’t be there?”

He followed with, “Is that right?”

That’s what the Greenwood Commonwealth reported Dr. Smith saying in a bond hearing and arraignment today.   The justice court judge replied he had nothing to do with it, and Smith kept arguing, saying that his attorney should be there, until “a deputy snatched the handcuffed physician.”

There […]

Law enforcement affidavit released with account of the Greenwood murder for hire plot

The affidavit that was the basis for the search warrant of Dr. Smith’s home and office is now available, and has some interesting details about what happened that night and of a statement by the intruder into Abraham’s office who survived the incident.

Lee Abraham got a telephone call from someone who offered to […]

More about the Greenwood murder for hire case

Some details– not necessarily consistent– are being reported about the incident in Greenwood now, although it’s hard to tell what to credit. The Clarion Ledger runs a Greenwood Commonwealth story with more details:

Authorities say a 70-year-old oncologist is accused of hiring two men to kill the lawyer who represented his ex-wife when they divorced in […]