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“The line I shoot will never miss…”

At the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago on November, 1981, Muddy Waters owns the stage while backed by the Rolling Stones.  The Stones posted this video because Waters died 29 years ago today.



Otis Spann, part 3

This is Muddy Waters’s piano player, with the Muddy Waters band (you can briefly hear James Cotton on harmonica late in the performance) at the 1960 Newport Folk Festival, performing “St. Louis Blues.”

Otis Spann on piano

I’m going to get the music posts going, and focus for a while on blues piano players.

Otis Spann was born in Jackson in 1930 and began playing piano at age 8.  He moved to Chicago in 1946 and began playing with Muddy Waters in 1952, remaining as a full time member of the […]