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We All Must Look The Same To Them

Anderson is going to love this one.

This was in the Chittenango, New York may have been in a newspaper’s sports section this morning.  From Shannon Lovejoy on Facebook.

Update:  I wondered about the cut off masthead, which should have been a big read flag.  When someone goof on Facebook tried to foist this off […]

Christopher Walken is wrong

and so is Will Farrell


Ole Miss has announced that they are opening the stadium early Saturday because they are going to be making extra special efforts to assure–


The Clarion Ledger reports:

Mississippi State fans trying to smuggle a forbidden cowbell into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium before the Egg Bowl this weekend […]

The Miss. State billboard on West Jackson was taken down because it was a recruiting violation…

The Mississippi State billboard on West Jackson in Oxford went down ahead of schedule.

It turns out it’s a recruiting violation

Mississippi State freely admitted it was about recruiting:

WTVA-TV reports (http://bit.ly/woLIdJ) that an MSU billboard sits on a busy street in Oxford near the Ole Miss campus. It shows MSU football players holding […]

First down?

The Auburn and State fans are in heated dispute, invoking all kinds of evidence from photographs showing daylight….

… to diagrams on the lines of Richard Pryor’s famous question, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”


Ole Miss and Miss. State to get Zipcar auto sharing

Zipcar’s auto sharing will be on campus in Oxford and Starkville this fall.  The Ole Miss announcement was online, and the Daily Journal has a brief story about its arrival at Mississippi State.   Here’s a list of cities that already have it.  They’re in Memphis, Nashville, and Tuscaloosa (there’s an emphasis on college […]

Open thread so Anderson can gloat about the football game yesterday

I was there.  I did not enjoy it.   I also did not enjoy the obnoxiousness of some State fans in my proximity, who brought home the Semmes Luckett remark quoted in Jim Dee’s piece about this rivalry in GQ online– that State fans “hate us more than they love themselves.”

Not in their […]

No More Cowbells!

Well, assuming Mississippi State Fans believe in the rule of law.

We can live an dream, in any event.

Jaxrelief asked for a thread about last weekend’s Ole Miss-Miss. State game

I thought it had been discussed a bit in comments, and my baseball post was a tongue-in-cheek ducking of the subject.

Just for the record, I my posts have not been limited to after-the-fact glee.  They’ve contained foreboding and meditation on having hopes crushed, about dizzying falls from grace (first word of the post:  […]

Former NASA employee convicted, on the take for earmarks. Earmarks? Do those earmarks just happen?

Courtney Stadd, self-benefiting NASA employee, has been convicted of taking money for helping out Mississippi State on earmarks.  There still seem to be some missing pieces to this story.  The Washington Post writes:

Courtney Stadd, 54, of Bethesda was convicted of using his government job to serve his own financial interests and of making […]