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A Puzzlement about Bar Discipline Procedures

This is genuinely a question, and not intended to hint darkly at anything.  The question is based on Zach Scruggs’s motion to set aside his guilty plea, which includes as exhibits affidavits that Tony Farese filed in response to a bar complaint Zach Scruggs filed against Tony Farese.

The question:  Do complaining witnesses have […]

Patsy Brumfield writes about the Scruggs scandals two years on

Patsy Brumfield has a couple of tw0-years-on thumb sucking pieces about the Scruggs scandals in the Daily Journal today.  One focuses on the state bar leadership with some notes about the law school graduates of the last two years, and the other on law professor Ben Cooper’s ethics class and their take on the […]

What should a court do when it sees lawyers (or lower court judges) misbehave?

Back in the 70s, a relatively prominent Mississippi attorney (now dead) was involved in a bribe of the state banking comptroller.  The bribe was made to  obtain a bank charter.

One interesting detail about the case was how the bribe was paid– the bank comptroller had a good friend who was known to have […]

A serious question about Judicial Performance and the State Bar and the Supreme Court

Important Update below

This is not a rhetorical question, but a real one:  Is there any form of coordination between the State Bar, and Judicial Performance Commission, and/or the Mississippi Supreme Court when one sees things that might be an issue for the other?

For instance, when I read the Supreme Court’s opinion in […]