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Mike Moore on the Scruggs hearing, day two

The first half of Patsy Brumfield’s article today about yesterday’s hearing is all about Mike Moore’s post-trial statements.  She writes:

“I think we nailed them today,” Moore said after the two-day hearing in Oxford, which sought to convince Senior Judge Glen Davidson that 65-year-old Scruggs is innocent of a charge he pleaded guilty to […]

Why are Zach Scruggs’s lawyers entering appearances in Scruggs II?

This morning, Mike Moore and Michael Rader entered appearances in Scruggs II. That’s the case involving Judge DeLaughter, a case in which Zach Scruggs was never charged.

Rader entered an appearance for Zach Scruggs.  Moore entered an appearance for Dickie Scruggs, as did another lawyer from Rader’s firm (which is also Chip Robertson’s firm […]

Mike Moore enters appearance for Zach Scruggs…

That’s real news, and it’s going to make for an interesting hearing given how the last ones went.

Does Fall of the House of Zeus resolve open questions about the Scruggs cases? Part 1 of several

Particularly with no trials, one of the expectations for books about the Scruggs scandal is simple: Have we learned anything? Have we had answers to any outstanding questions?

I’ve read Curtis Wilkie’s book, and have posted a bit about it, but was holding fire till we got close to the publication date (for starters, […]