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Early Summer Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfasts is blueberries from my yard, peaches from Cherry Creek Orchard in Pontotoc, blackberries from another grower at MidTown Farmer’s Market (sorry I didn’t get the name), cantaloupes (these are from Lucedale because locals aren’t in yet, which seems a little late. I’ve learned to time all these things […]

MidTown Farmers Market haul on Saturday May 16th

… and you can’t show up at 7:45 and expect any of Linda Boyd’s asparagus.  But I did get sugar snaps, romaine, English peas, new potatoes, squash, and more.


Wednesday MidTown Farmer’s Market: cantaloupes from the Bosts

Corn grilled in the shucks from MidTown Farmer’s Market

I’m invited to a friend’s house; he’s grilling pork chops.  At the MidTown Farmer’s Market today, I picked up corn in the shucks and tomatoes from the Bosts.  Also got McCullar peaches and some carrots.  The Wednesday market goes from mid-morning to early afternoon.

I’m taking the tomatoes to the cook-out.  For the […]

Salad Nicoise from Lafayette County Farmers

The MidTown Farmer’s Market and Woodson Ridge Farm between them produced the parts of a really enjoyable salad nicoise.  It’s the time of the summer when tomatoes are just coming in but not optimal yet, but salad greens barely remain (there were none at the market this week; I was lucky to have […]

Wilted Lettuce Salad

A new grower at the MidTown Farmers Market yesterday, who is from Pea Ridge (I’m sorry I did not catch their name) had bundles of beautiful delicate lettuce that looked somewhat red-leaf like.  I suspect this lettuce would not survive shipment.

Joyce immediately recognized it as the early Spring leaf lettuce used in her […]

MidTown Farmers Market today

At the MidTown Farmer’s market today, a grower who is relatively new to me had what I took to be cabbages.  I asked him about them.

He said, “Those aren’t cabbages, those are savvies.”

I said, “Savvies?  What’s a savvey,” and he responded with vagueness and lack of clarity.  The woman standing next […]

Wednesday MidTown Farmers Market– Bosts tomatoes are in

Also cantaloupes, blueberries, cabbage, sweet corn, squash, flowers, etc.

MidTown Farmers Market

Our vegetables are pretty much entirely local now.  Tonight’s dinner had a little bit of steak (not local) along with a sauce that included shiitake mushrooms and onions from Flora Farms, Bosts skillet corn, the Bosts’s new potatoes with rosemary from my yard, and braised leeks from Flora farms.

Tomorrow at the Farmer’s […]

Eating locally in Oxford, Mississippi in June

This time of year, with recent improvements from what’s available, you can really come very close to eating locally.  Dinner tonight is a good example:

Pork loin, from the Farmer’s Market stand on Old 7.  Their pork is now from the Brown Dairy Farm folks, and is excellent.  I rubbed it with garlic (from […]