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Radley Balko on Mississippi injustice, Stephen Hayne and West

Radley Balko has published on Huffington a huge project on Mississippi’s infamous pathologist Stephen Hayne and his erstwhile sidekick, dentist Michael West.

This timeline, outlining case after case (including some of Hayne’s civil testimony) is devastating and damning.  The timeline is a side bar to this account of the solving of the murder of […]

Michael West: “Throw bite marks out.”

Jerry Mitchell has a long story about Michael West, the notorious bite-mark expert witness.  It seems that West has recanted:

Since the 1980s, Hattiesburg dentist Michael West has raised his right hand and sworn dozens of times that bite marks on victims matched suspects.

He compared these bite marks to fingerprints, describing their unique […]

Leigh Stubbs and Tami Vance to be released in innocence case

Remember Leigh Stubbs and the “lesbian bite mark case”— that case where Michael West testified as an expert on both video enhancement and bite marks (he testified he could tell those bite marks were the bite marks of lesbians.  Seriously).

Radley Balko reports that the Mississippi Innocence Project is on the verge of obtaining […]

What exactly is being investigated about Michael West?

Tonight, at the Overby Center showing of “Mississippi Innocence,” Radley Balko noted that he’d seen reports that Jim Hood had stated he was “investigating” cases involving Michael West, but never had answers about what that investigation might be.

West is the bogus expert whose testimony was critical in the convictions featured in the film “Mississippi Innocence.” […]

Radley Balko once again has Dr. West fabricating and altering evidence

Folks may recall reports of Michael West using a dental cast to create new bite marks on a corpse.

Well, in the Leigh Stubbs case, he apparently did it again.

I have posted a couple of times about Leigh Stubbs– Michael West (Jack of All Trades) and the Case of the Lesbian Bite […]

Michael West (jack of all trades) and the Case of the Lesbian Bite Marks

Folks may recall Michael West, the dentist who could look at a bug bite and declare under oath it was caused by human teeth, even identifying the person whose teeth produced the bug bite.  His testimony (often paired with testimony from Dr. Steven Hayne) played a part of putting a number people in Parchman, […]