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The Giant Mouse Has Left Elvis Presley and the Building

As Vance Lauderdale notes, first the giant shoe on Lamar, and now this.

Until first thing tomorrow morning, and since 1978, there has been a giant mouse with a wedge of cheese on top of Atomic Pest Control at 2371 Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis  (This is not a stretch of Elvis Presley […]

The River from normal and on May 6th–last year, this year

May 6, 2010

May 6, 2011

h/t MemphisFlood.com


Will this flood really “be a lot nastier” than 1927?– more press reports

“Compared to the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 this flood is going to be a lot nastier,” said Marty Pope, senior hydrologist for the National Weather Service in Jackson, Miss.

-Quoted in a Reuters report.

Researcher posted in comments a map of Memphis-area flooding from the Shelby County Office of Preparedness. If you click […]

The Flood Moves Downstream

First, that gauge at Cairo I was following because of the Birds Point story is still going down, albeit more slowly, and has now dropped almost two feet since the opening of the Birds Point levee.  It’s at 59.83.

Downstream, Memphis is bracing itself at the Wolf River and other tributaries that will no […]

Davis-Kidd bookstore in Memphis to remain open

A deal was cut at the hearing to approve the sale this morning, and David-Kidd in Memphis will survive.  The Memphis Business Journal reports:

The former owner of Joseph-Beth Group, Neil Van Uum, will purchase the assets of Memphis’ Davis-Kidd Booksellers through a new entity, DK Booksellers LLC.   …

Van Uum offered his apologizes […]

Memphis’s Davis-Kidd store seriously on the brink

Update:  It appears the story will survive.

Davis-Kidd bookstore in Memphis is the last remaining Davis Kidd store.  The chain had been bought by the Joseph-Beth bookstores, which started in Kentucky in the 1980s (and was apparently modeled on Davis Kidd).  In the last 10 years, Joseph-Beth has been closing stores, and shut down Davis-Kidd stores […]

“Look away, look away…” James Earl Ray’s backwards mug shot

While I was otherwise occupied, a historic batch of photographs emerged from a county archive in Memphis, all taken by a Memphis State student at the request of the police department there, of James Earl Ray as he was brought to town to face charges for murdering Martin Luther King.  One is above, […]

A report on the Cozy Corner bbq in Memphis

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Memphis with out of town friends and took them to the Cozy Corner, which I told them was my second favorite Memphis barbecue place.

Why were we going to number 2?  Well, there’s essentially only two things to eat at my favorite, Payne’s— a barbecue […]

Memories of Justine’s from 1959

Several months ago, I did a long post about Justine’s Restaurant in Memphis, prompted by the death of the long time chef there, Wilma Madison.  A reader named Bob Canis has posted a long comment with memories of Justine’s circa 1959; I thought it was interesting enough to elevate it to a post:

I […]

Some Memories of Wilma Madison’s cooking at Justine’s

As I noted in the various post this morning, the Commercial Appeal had an interesting obituary for Wilma Madison, who was the chef at Justine’s through its history in the location from the late 5os until it closed.  She arrived there in 1959 just as it opened, and apparently stayed to the end.