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Mississippi leads nation in proportion of same-sex couples raising children

Daily Journal reports that Mississippi leads the nation in the proportion of same-sex couples rearing children (while being 41st nationwide in the overall ratio of same-sex couples).  This is a finding of the Williams Institute, which is based upon 2010 census data.  The institute is putting out maps for each state; the above from […]

Down in Water Valley, Brother Aven is fighting to save marriage between the cupcakes and the catfood in the SprintMart

The North Mississippi Herald (“Your Source for Yalabousha County News!”) recounts the convenience story marriage of Danielle Graham and Shelton Maclin.  They got married in the SprintMart where Danielle used to work, because, if they’d got married at the city park, their friends who were working would have missed the ceremony.

Danielle and Shelton […]

Mississippi Supreme Court greatest hits (writing style)

Anderson posts a great quote, new to me, by Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Calhoon, writing about the common law (“…the wisdom of the common law, so profound as to be quite undiscernible…”) and bastardy (“Thereupon a law was enacted magnanimously recognizing that bastards were in its eye, as in fact, the children of their […]