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Orange you glad Sarah went to Super Sunday to see the Mardi Gras Indians

Photograph by Sarah Simonson and heading thanks to the knock knock jokes of my childhood.

Pableaux is out among the Indians…

He’s putting photos of Mardi Gras Indians out this morning on his twitter feed. Here’s a couple. The second is Spy boy Charlie Tenner of the 9th Ward Comanche Hunters


“I don’t care if you’re as raggedy as a bowl of yakamein, if you’re singing, dancing, jumping and putting on a show, you’re the prettiest thing out there”

The quote from the Times-Picayune obituary of Mardi Gras Indian chief Lionel Delpit.

If you’re wondering what the heck yakamein might be, check out John T. Edge’s article in the first issue of the magazine Lucky Peach.

Saturday was the funeral for Delpit. The Times-Picuyane has an account of the funeral and procession– […]