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Marc Smirnoff writes that the NY Times story has errors to the point of being libelous

On his website, he notes that he has written the Times to explain how, and that he will run the letter on the site if the Times won’t run it.

Jezebel and Slate pile on, and a summary of my posts about the OA firings

Jezebel and Slate pile on after reading the New York Times article about the firing of Marc Smirnoff at the Oxford American.  Update:  Oh, and New York Magazine’s blog too.

Here’s a summary of the posts on this blog on the subject:

The biggest thing that’s dropped from the story recently is that one thing […]

Marc Smirnoff talks to the New York Times

Not necessarily the right move, particularly if he’s trying to move on to something new.

Here’s an important bit from the NY Times story. I suppose Marc should be commended for honesty…. But…

Slouched in a living-room chair, gesturing wildly and sprinkling his sentences with quotations from Shakespeare, Mr. Smirnoff gave a detailed account […]

The OA stuff gets weirder and weirder: Now, the Ole Miss sorority girl with the column in McSweeney’s online joins in

Update:  The essay quoted in this blog has been pulled off the McSweeney’s site…

If you are following the Oxford American flap, you are aware that one of the issues involves summer interns.

And it seems that one of the OA summer interns has been writing about lessons from her experience there.

At […]

Marc Smirnoff and Carol Ann Fitzgerald provide their side of the Oxford American firings. At length

Marc Smirnoff and Carol Ann Fitzgerald have put up a website, editorsinlove, in which they promise to explain their side of the firings.

I write “promise to explain” because I have not got past the prologue to their explanation and am over 3500 words into it.  And can’t really comment on the explanation because […]

In which we learn that Paul Greenberg (of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette) does not love Marc Smirnoff

The Richmond Times Dispatch runs a piece by Paul Greenberg of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about the editor switch at the Oxford American.

It’s pretty clear that, whatever experience Greenberg has had dealing with Smirnoff since the magazine moved to Arkansas, it probably hasn’t been good.  No names are named, but he makes clear […]

Photographing feet in Conway, Arkansas: An Oxford American update

In a report from an Arkansas blog, LogCabinDemocrat, we have both explanation and mystification.  A key sentence:

And, in a letter sent recently to UCA President Tom Courtway, Smirnoff admitted he had touched or photographed feet.

The “or” is poignant.  Does he not know which he did, photograph or touch?  Could he not have […]

More–including comments from David Remnick of the New Yorker– about the Oxford American

On Facebook I see a long re-posting of an Arkansas Gazette article about the turmoil at the Oxford American.  The article David Remnick of the New Yorker on the departure of Marc Smirnoff:

Surprised by the development, Remnick said, “The magazine is invaluable. … This is one of the great small magazines in America. … […]

A bit of information from Marc Smirnoff and managing editor Carol Ann Fitzgerald about the Oxford American firings

A bit more has come out about what’s occurring at the Oxford American.  From the Arkansas Blog:

Smirnoff said that neither he nor Fitzgerald were told the specific allegations levied against them; rather the questions were more general.

“I don’t know what the board found us guilty of,” he said.

“One thing they asked […]

Marc Smirnoff leaves Oxford American, joins editorial staff of Garden and Gun magazine

Actually, for reasons that remain entirely mysterious, the publisher of the Oxford American, Warwick Sabin, has announced that editor Smirnoff and managing editor Carol Ann Fitzgerald are no longer employed and that Sabin will be interim editor.

People closely connected with the magazine who I’ve talked to are entirely mystified.    Sabin says “details […]