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I ate local. I ate much more vegetables than meat. But I couldn’t go see Micheal Pollan…

Tonight Micheal Pollan was in town.  I would like to have gone and see him but work prevented.  On the other hand, when I got home (late), I cooked a dinner he might have thought reasonable.

The main part of the meal was roasted local vegetables from farmers markets here along with some stuff […]

Wonderful Farmers Market results, and notes on Spring pasta

The farmers markets are going full blast, to the point I’m already thinking about how to save things for later.  Tomorrow is the new city market on Oxford Loop, Wednesday (midday) and Saturday (morning) are MidTown, and my refrigerator is full.

I’ve always had a somewhat negative reaction to recipes for pasta primavera.  Since […]

Eating locally in Oxford, Mississippi in June

This time of year, with recent improvements from what’s available, you can really come very close to eating locally.  Dinner tonight is a good example:

Pork loin, from the Farmer’s Market stand on Old 7.  Their pork is now from the Brown Dairy Farm folks, and is excellent.  I rubbed it with garlic (from […]