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In chambers, the chancellor said to the lawyer…

… who, with his client, seemed to have control of the situation, “You’ve got the egg in your pocket.”

That was entirely new to me, but completely clear as to meaning. A couple of Google searches suggest it’s new to Google, too. Without the Dictionary of American Regional English at hand,

I’m curious if […]

Judge Biggers sets a hearing on the motion to disqualify

Judge Biggers has entered an order setting a hearing on Zach Scruggs’s motion to disqualify Bob Norman, a motion I posted about here.  The order states:

This cause comes before the Court upon the motion of David Zachary Scruggs to disqualify Assistant United States Attorney Robert Norman from continuing participation as counsel for the […]

Zach Scruggs files a Motion for Summary Judgment in his effort to set aside his plea (part two of two)

Part one described Zach Scruggs’s motion for summary judgment in general terms, and the first five fact statements, which focused on facts concerning the attempt to bribe Judge Lackey.  This part deals with the 404(b) proof from the Wilson case, and a final catch-all (or, really, Hail Mary) point in which Zach asserts that […]

Zach Scruggs files a Motion for Summary Judgment in his effort to set aside his plea (part one of two)

Zach Scruggs has moved for summary judgment in his effort to set aside his plea.  A summary judgment motion argues that, given undisputed facts, the moving party is entitled to a judgment as a matter of law.  Essentially, it says:  Given all this, I win, and we don’t need a trial.

The motion’s structure […]

Zach Scruggs files motion to disqualify Bob Norman

Given allegations in prior pleadings (particularly that they repeatedly assert that Bob Norman is going to be a witness in the hearing), I’d wondered whether Zach Scruggs and his lawyers had thought about moving to disqualify Bob Norman.

Disqualification motions are problematic. They essentially can’t be appealed. They become a side issue, possibly annoying […]

Mississippi Innocence Project on MPB’s Mississippi Roads show

The Misssisippi Innocence Project was on Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Mississippi Road’s show.  There’s a focus on the three innocence cases in Mississippi and Tucker Carrington’s work at the clinic at Ole Miss, along with an account of what’s wrong with Dr. West’s junk science.  Well worth watching.

Here’s the clip.

Some context to that picture in the header…

My law office was built on an unopened city street by W.V. Sullivan and his brother sometime between 1870 and 1880.  There’s no real way to guess when because they didn’t ever have title to the land where they built it.  About 1908, James Stone bought it, and it later became the firm […]

Former Pontotoc banker banned for life for sexual harassment, and a possible timing link to a US Supreme Court argument…

It’s All Good in comments pointed me to a press release that states that the Comptroller of the Currency has just entered into a consent order with William Anderson, who was a vice-president and branch manager of the First National Bank of Pontotoc for a little more than a decade until he was fired […]

Interview with Roy Black about win in the Helio Castrovenes defense

Indy 500 winner Helio Castrovenes and his sister were acquited on federal tax evasion charges in Miami in the last week, with a defense team that included Bob Bennett and Roy Black.   The jury hung on conspiracy charges.  Tom Withers is an excellent Savanah lawyer who runs the Federal Criminal Defense blog; he’s done […]

Memphis Billboard Lawyer Corey B. Trotz Provides Evidence He Actually Has Been To Court!

Since the Commercial Appeal misses the obvious headline, I’m helping out, based on this sentence in a story today:  “”To say that I’ve never tried a case is false, and that’s what I object to,” said Trotz. He provided the name of a woman, Maureen Davis, who confirmed that Trotz tried and won her […]